Introducing intO’s INSPIRE offer

It’s very hard to capitalise on opportunities without first knowing they exist. So, the challenge for innovators, designers, marketeers – or any creative decision-maker – is to always recognise the limitations of their own experience, seek to understand the contexts that influence their audiences, and explore alternative perspectives that will stretch their ambitions. 

To support such ambitions, intO’s INSPIRE research is focused on revealing new directions and possibilities. 

INSPIRE: What it delivers

  • Constructive disruption to remove creative blocks: With fresh perspectives that are clear, compelling, and tailored to the task
  • A spectrum of possibilities: Inspiration reframes a problem rather than solving it by offering many paths forward
  • Ideas with roots and wings: Insightful inspiration triggers bigger ideas that are grounded in real-life truths and are more likely to resonate

INSPIRE: How it works

Our global team of multi-lingual Local Researchers, coordinated by our central strategic team, are on-the-ground in every continent and living in the mix of everyday cultures within established and emerging markets. Due to this set-up, we have a worldwide perspective of developing macro trends and a skill for seeking out the specific, burgeoning regional trends relevant to each unique business and market. The unusual structure of our business allows us to act nimbly, regardless of travel restrictions and quarantine periods, and means that we operate without time-zone or language barriers. 

INSPIRE: Our expertise 

We blend experimental and traditional qualitative research methods to explore contextual shifts across culture, categories, consumers and trends. Our INSPIRE methodologies include: 

  • Multi-sensory immersions such as audio-visual storytelling, physical objects and textures
  • Broadcasts from real life such as digital diaries and fly-on-the-wall cameras
  • Curated conversations with progressive users and industry experts
  • Cultural safaris that can be created in situ and experienced remotely

Learn more about contextual shifts in this article, written by intO’s Global Strategy Director, Onika Simon, How we INSPIRE: When the answer is a spectrum of possibilities

INSPIRE: Who it’s designed for

We work with creative decision-makers who need to discover how local people worldwide really think, plan, act, spend and live. Whether our clients are formulating business-wide strategies or focusing on communications, brand positioning or product/service innovation, our services fit alongside the creative development journey, ensuring that intO’s versatile research methodologies inform and guide at every step between possibility and success. 

Read about some of the projects we’ve undertaken to INSPIRE Pernod Ricard, Uber, Dorel Juvenile (Maxi-Cosi), Sea Life, Skyscanner and Tommee Tippee, HERE


If you’d like to talk about how intO’s INSPIRE research could support your brand, business or department, please get in touch with Onika Simon at [email protected] or via LinkedIn.

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