Introducing intO’s EVOLVE offer

Almost all research is driven by a need for insights that will ensure confident decision-making. However, when the ambition is to develop an idea into a launched reality, healthy progression depends on reliable and regular feedback. intO’s EVOLVE research bridges the gap between brainstorms and launches by generating, iterating, testing and validating new propositions.

EVOLVE: What it delivers

  • Timely intel from experts and end users, in the form of verbal feedback and visual testing in situ
  • Contextual insights to get a comprehensive understanding of all the critical factors that designers and developers need to be aware of
  • Incremental clarity from iterative feedback loops that build a real picture over time
  • Insurance for success as all of the above comes together to enable decision making with certainty when it’s time for launch

“The team at intO has the skills and knowledge to take insights through to innovation. intO provided an excellent quality of analysis with results that were innovative and actionable for the business.”

Tracy Suff, Consumer Insights & Experience Innovation at LEGO Group

EVOLVE: How it works

Our global team of Local Researchers are on-the-ground in every continent, living and working among real people and shifting cultural dynamics in established and emerging markets. This set-up enables intO to coordinate EVOLVE research for clients who need to understand new markets as part of their development process. It also means that multiple markets can be coordinated by our central strategic team and researched in parallel, to ensure that development journeys remain nimble. 

EVOLVE: Our expertise 

Our EVOLVE research blends established academic methods with experimental techniques, to progress our clients’ work (be it a product, service, strategy or communication) through five stages along the creative development journey, each anchored by a research question:

  • Creative ideation – What does our target audience need? 
  • Concept co-creation – What could we build for them? 
  • Concept to prototype – How could we make this a compelling and future-proof solution? 
  • Prototype to go-to-market strategy – Where and when should we deliver this first? 
  • Go-to-market strategy to launch – What should we say about it and how? 

Our methodologies during EVOLVE projects may include: 

  • Creative ideation via stimulus drawn from trend and contextual insights, facilitated by our skilled workshop moderators, who have a dual background in research and design/innovation  
  • Future-focused concept co-creation generated from interviews with progressive users, opinion leaders and experts, who indicate future mainstream demands and identify market opportunities 
  • Iterative testing with target customers to provide directions and suggestions for improvement 
    Inclusive activation planning that aligns stakeholders throughout the development journey

EVOLVE: Who it’s designed for

We work with both strategic and creative decision-makers within brand and agency teams, most frequently when their projects need to be developed across a wider range of global regions than they can access easily. 

Whether our clients are focused on product/service design and innovation, brand management, communications, or formulating business-wide strategies, our EVOLVE services fit alongside the creative development journey, ensuring that intO’s versatile research methodologies inform and guide at every step between possibility and success.

Learn more about how our EVOLVE research overcomes key challenges related to resourcing, orchestrating and planning complex international research in this article, written by intO’s Business Director, Jonny Jiang: How we EVOLVE: When the answer is feedback.

If you’d like to talk about how intO’s EVOLVE research could support your brand, business or department, please email Jonny Jiang: [email protected]

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