Introducing intO’s LOCALISE offer

Successful strategies are built on timely information about target audiences and their context. But what if an audience is completely unfamiliar, speaks a different language and/or has characteristics that make them difficult to access? intO’s LOCALISE offer supports creative decision-makers when growth opportunities for brands, products or services exist beyond their current context. 

LOCALISE: What it delivers

  • Resonance with real people and local life: Actionable insights that ensure strong and future-forward relevance with new audiences and/or markets
  • Competitive and ownable positioning: A deep understanding of where a product or strategy belongs, how it differs from competitors, and for how long
  • A roadmap to sustainable growth: Localisation illuminates the way forward when growth potential exists at a defined point, or points, elsewhere

LOCALISE: Who it’s designed for

Localisation is both a creative and strategic affair. The question, ‘Where can we have the biggest impact?’ is asked by operational leaders, brand managers and product designers alike. What they have in common is a need to discover how local people worldwide really think, plan, act, spend and live. How they differ is where they apply the insights we provide: localisation outcomes span across business-wide strategies, brand positioning axes, product/service innovations and targeted campaign communications. 

“As we can’t possibly have a research team for every region, intO has quickly become integral to our research and innovation. They have flagged nuances, connotations and opportunities in a way we never previously could.”

Emma Bellamy, Market intelligence specialist at Dorel 

LOCALISE: How it works

Our global team of Local Researchers are on-the-ground in every continent, immersed in the cultural fabric of established and emerging markets. As this network is tightly synced with our central team who coordinate projects, we have a dual perspective on slow-moving macro trends. We also have a skill for revealing regional and cultural signifiers that are uniquely relevant to specific business challenges. The unconventional structure of our business allows us to act nimbly, regardless of travel restrictions and quarantine periods – and also means that we operate without time-zone or language barriers.

LOCALISE: Our expertise 

We blend experimental and academic research methods to navigate both new markets (logistics and regulations, macro trends, cultural semiotics, national identity, habits and rituals, needs and expectations) and the life layers of real people who live there (society, work, community, home, family and identity). 

LOCALISE methodologies include: 

  • Cultural immersions that utilise photo journals and audio-visual storytelling
  • Broadcasts from real life, delivered by mobile ethnographies and fly-on-the-wall cameras
  • Competitive mapping that includes category deep dives and subject matter expert interviews
  • Strategic roadmapping developed with future scenario foresight and planning/activation workshops

Learn more about the key considerations that creative decision-makers should keep front of mind when localising in this article, How we LOCALISE: When the answer is a landing point, written by intO’s Founding Director, Joanna Brassett

If you’d like to talk about how intO’s LOCALISE research could support your brand, business or department, please email Joanna Brassett

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