Nathalie Jerming-Havill

Regional Lead

Area: Europe

Nathalie is the Regional Lead for Europe at intO, and acts as an expert in strategic thinking. She is adept at creating strategic business opportunities, conducting qualitative research for project briefs, and is active across all phases of projects. Nathalie also produces people-focused insights, and integrates these with the development of strategies for organisations and businesses, to connect with specific key consumers more effectively.

How products and services can be designed to improve people’s quality of life is Nathalie’s focus. She has interests in design for sensory experiences, and explores the anthologies of ‘modern tribes’. In addition, Nathalie is a visiting tutor on the Product Design course at Central Saint Martins, and is a member of the UK’s Merlin Entertainment Innovation Concept Lab. She is also a consultant for entertainment futures and visitor-focused research insights.

Having studied within seven European universities, Nathalie graduated with a BA qualification in Product Design at Central Saint Martins. She has lived in Sweden, France, and is based currently in the UK. She speaks English, French and Swedish.

Find out more about some of the projects that Nathalie has worked on: Sealife, McDonald’s, RBS, Policy Lab, Tommee Tippee, Uber.