Introducing intO’s Global Futures Roadmap programme

The impact of the pandemic has left most businesses with a feeling of paralysis. Many things they thought they understood about their customers, their markets and the world at large have changed. The pandemic’s impact has touched every layer of human life. Even businesses that had a clear long-term strategy now need to interrogate their pre-covid-19 assumptions about the future. 

intO’s Global Futures Roadmap programme generates immediately actionable insight. Going beyond generic trend forecasting, it scrutinises the detail of real-life and aligns the emerging behaviours that are most relevant to your markets, your business and its future.

 What it delivers: 

  • Orientation of current position 
  • Global foresight overlaid with relevant regional nuances
  • Future-proofed objectives and strategy for long-term relevance and impact
  • Prioritised product & service innovation plans 
  • Identification of actions to take now, tomorrow and in the months and years ahead
  • A unified vision and plan that aligns key stakeholders 
  • A roadmap blueprint to support ongoing clarity & confidence

How it works: 

Our global team of Local Experts, coordinated by our strategic leadership team, are on the ground in every continent, living in the mix of everyday cultures within established and emerging markets. We have a worldwide perspective of developing macro trends and a skill for seeking out the specific, burgeoning regional trends relevant to each unique business and market. We blend experimental and traditional qualitative research methods to reveal the changing priorities of your international markets and customers. The unique structure of our business allows us to act nimbly – regardless of travel restrictions and quarantine periods.  

Who it’s designed for: 

We work with businesses and brands who need to discover how local people, worldwide, really think, plan, act, spend and live. Whether you’re formulating a business-wide strategy or focussing on communications, brand positioning or product/service innovation, our Global Futures Roadmap will show you the way forward. 

‘The team at intO has the skill and knowledge to take insights through to innovation. intO provided an excellent quality of analysis with results that were innovative and actionable for the business.’

Tracy Suff, LEGO


Do you have questions about life layers or remote research for design? Would you like to learn more about intO’s Global Futures Roadmap offer for your brand, business or department? Then feel free to book a slot in Onika’s diary HERE.

Onika Simon is intO’s Strategy Director and is dedicated to growing our philosophy into conversations, and nurturing those interactions into work that delivers impactful decisions and outcomes for intO’s agency and brand clients. Learn more about Onika here, and find her on LinkedIn here.





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